Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Hope all you ghouls stay safe this Halloween. I was just going through some memories from Halloween past. Here are some my favorites.

The spontaneous light saber battle between my #1 Son, Darth, and a costumed Luke while we were trick or treating. They met each other on the street and just started dueling. No warning just all out dueling. My friend and I were like, "What the heck just happened!" The force is strong.

A certain toddler dressed as ELVIS.

All the pumpkins past designed by the Giant Man Child. Here are 2009 and 2008 Can't wait to preview this years creation. It is a doozy and very fitting to this blog.

A few Halloweens in San Diego where it seemed like kids were bussed in from Mexico. The kids that hit up our house about 4 times in about a 1 hour time period. I loved that you could sit on your driveway around your portable fire pit and greet trick or treaters.

The local man who had the haunted lawn that my Dad would take us to every year. How he scared the living daylights out of my neighbor and she ran home.

I also remember the time my Mom and Dad dressed me in a scarecrow costume complete with a board that had to be fitted in behind the arms. I believe it was Kindergarten.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Got Hedge

The weekend before last, I finally planted my trees. Chuck and I cleared and dug and dug some more. We planted all 5 of these bad boys. The Giant Man Child bought me some dirt. Now I only need lots of miracle grow as they are a long ways from becoming a screen for the hot tub.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I saw this neat craft hanging on the wall in the Kindergarten area during the Fall Festival for Chuck's school. I thought the kids would get a kick out of trying to make these spiders. I even let them use the forbidden glitter. I did pre paint the egg carton part as I did not think we would have enough time to let everything to dry. I glued stuffed tissue paper in the egg carton cup so we would have a surface to glue to the paper. What do you think?

The Diva's Spider and Web

Big E's Spider and Web

Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Festival

Chuck and I went to the fall festival at his school on Friday Night. It was the first time we had ever gone as my other child attended a different elementary school. It was fun. There were lots of games and prizes even a bouncy. Chuck even got to go in the Kissing Booth. The Kindergarten Teachers were giving lip stamps on the cheek. That was very cute.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Gourds and Pumpkins, OH MY

I just had to take a picture of Mrs Epi's entry to her house. She has the wall of pumpkins and gourds. It is really awesome looking. I say her garden was a little prolific with gourds and pumpkins. She even has some white ghost pumpkins. It seems like everyone grew pumpkins but me - Nonna and Pappy, Mrs Respiratory Therapist, and Mrs Epi. Maybe I will jump on the band wagon next year.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Back by popular demand

Chuckles making his house - I don't know what is up with the cap

We made these haunted house's last year and they were again requested. I was surprised at how adamant they were about doing this again. So this is what we made this Tuesday morning. This time I have dollar store stickers instead of foamies. This project can be done without foamies or stickers. See my example at the bottom. The house pattern is also slightly different from last year. I did help them with the windows that open up. I used an exacto knife to cut the openings.

The Diva's House complete with a candy chimney
Big E's Haunted House. I love the vampire in the upper right window.
My example- A girl has to get her craft on when and where she can.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Book it 2010- October

Check out the what other people are reading at Life As Mom - October Book it.

This month has been filled with some really intense reads. I started this month reading, "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" by Stieg Larsson I thought it was a good book but it was intense and disturbing. It really took some twists and turns. I can see why this book has a lot of buzz. I personally don't think I can watch the movie. I haven't decided if I will read the other two books or not.

I have been participating in my neighbors Bible study. We are doing a Beth Moore Bible Study on the book of Daniel. The book of Daniel for me is a book of the Bible that I am least familiar with. Other than Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the Fire and Daniel in the Lion's Den that was the breathe of my knowledge. We are in now week 6 of a 12 week study. I am really enjoying Beth's commentary. She really pulls it all together and makes you think. I never realized how much is also able to relate to our everyday life. She presents it on DVD. I think all the ladies in the study are getting a lot our of it. It was really freaky when we met on October 12 and it was the same day that we were study the 5th chapter of Daniel which was referencing the fall of Babylon in 539 BC on Oct 12th. It is intense with homework.

Lastly, I am reading " Talent is Overrated" by Geoff Colvin. The caption under the title is, "What Really Separates World-Class Performer from Everybody Else." I think it is a really eye opening book. The basic premise is that talent isn't inborn but rather cultivated through specific practices that anyone can do if they have the dedication. I think we live in a culture that reinforces that you were born an artist, athlete, or leader. This book really dissects why this isn't the case necessarily. I think this is also a message that our kids miss. People just don't become successful. It is work. Along the same lines, top level achievers according to Colvin are rarely child prodigies. As far as me applying it to my own life, I am just a stay home mom or as I like to say a Modern Day June Cleaver. But I have been doing this homemaking thing for 12 years and who doesn't want to improve their performance. Maybe through deliberate practice the laundry will actually get done in a more timely manner. All kidding aside, this book is an interesting read.

Monday, October 18, 2010

It's Monday, again

If it is going to be Monday all day along at least you can start it out with a beautiful sunrise. My hubby called to tell me this morning to go outside and look at this beautiful sunrise. So much is on my mind these days. My meditations and prayers are so deep. It is time to get out of my head and do what needs to be done.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Paper Plate Mummies

Chuck's Mummy Zombie with Crazy Eyes

This is a boy approved craft. The boys really got into this craft which is unusual at my house. We were calling these zombie mummies. I got Chuckles, Big E, and the Diva to do this craft. Directions are here. I know it is another plate craft but it is a good one. It isn't overly complicated and leaves a lot of room for kids to add their own personal touch.

The Diva's Mummy with a Mustache

Big E's Zombie Mummy

Monday, October 11, 2010

Eek, it's MONDAY!

I put Mr Rat in the downstairs bathroom with my Dollar Store EEK sign. It is not everyone who has a giant demonic rat in their bathroom. Maybe this post should be Monday Ruminations (Meditations)

Things I am Ruminating on...

Now I've got the trees. Hey everyone should drive with a forest inside their truck. How and when am I going to plant these long awaited bad boys? That is the question of the day. Lowe's had their cedar trees marked down to $7.50. This is part of my grand plan to hide the hot tub. It is taking a long time to implement the hide the hot tub plan.

Gee,I wish I thought of putting my skeleton's up in my front windows. Wait, I would actually have to get my children to make them. In all seriousness, I think this looks great. I just am uber jealous that I didn't think of it. See my skeleton post here.

How I am not cut out to be Public School Parent. I know that sentence deserves some kind of explanation but I don't want to write something I am going to regret.

Friday, October 8, 2010

New Camera


My camera met it's demise on the Alcan this summer. So I have been using my son's cheapy digital or the camera on my phone to take pictures. The results have been less stellar but I have been getting by. This weekend my Hubby, Nonna, and Pappy surprised me with an early birthday present of a camera. I was so excited was an understatement. Supposedly, the camera can be dropped up to 6ft and survive and is waterproof. So basically it is Heather proof. I took these pictures of the boys.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Donut Whisperer

It was pointed out to me by the Polyester Princess, my sister, that October is National Donut Month. I wasn't able to confirm or deny that. Hey, I embrace every month as Donut Month. When things get tough, the tough get donuts. It is kinda sad that I know that Donut Day is in June. Don't judge! It is however National Sarcastic Month. The Polyester Princess has been calling me the Donut Whisperer. I think that has a nice ring to it. So don't be a bit surprised if you see me wearing a t-shirt declaring myself a Donut Whisperer.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


No, this blog hasn't turned into all crafts all the time. Just that there has been so many cute crafts out there in cyber space this Halloween season. I just can't resist especially the easy ones that my little folks will enjoy. Hence the paper plate skeleton, I saw this at Naptime Crafters. 16 paper plates and what seems like a billion brads later. I had a little trouble locating brads in my small town but eventually bought the last box in existence at Rite Aid. I had most of the parts cut out. The kids did their hands, feet, and skull face. IF I had found my hole punch the kids could of done the brads easily.

Introducing Samantha the Skeleton and Spike the Skeleton.

The Diva with Samantha the Skeleton

Big E with Spike the Skeleton

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Snake Wreath

You know this is a good craft when your friend is carrying a clipped magazine article in her purse of this snake wreath. I of course immediately knew I wanted to make this. So, I was the one carrying a photocopy of this wreath in my purse. I became a little obsessed with this project. I recruited some minions to paint the snakes and 1 lizard (don't ask).

Big E and Chuckles

The source for this is Martha Magazine.(I wasn't able to find a direct link) I totally think you could do this with a dollar store wreath instead of the grape vine. In fact, I had my hubby paint one black but the next day I found a grape vine wreath at Goodwill for 2.99. The large snakes, which there are two of , I got at Walmart for $1 a piece. All the little snakes came from the Dollar Tree. I believe there is 8 to a pack and I bought 2 packs. I painted all the snakes black. The total investment was about $7 dollars as I had black spray paint, black acrylic paint, and floral wire.

Friday, October 1, 2010


This past week has been craft explosion. I tell you it has been craft madness. I saw this little piece of embroidery and I thought I can do this. I actually made two. This is easily completed in a evening while watching TV. The pattern is found at You can Make This .(you have to register to download PDF) I still have to get some sequins to finish this off. I think it will look adorable in a dollar store frame.